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The Michigan Democratic Party believes that government must be open, honest, responsive, and accountable to the people it serves. All citizens should have the freedom and the opportunity to rise as high as their talents and initiative will allow. This platform expresses our dedication to the belief that those who work hard should be assured the opportunity to achieve economic security, and that all should be able to live with basic human dignity. This platform embodies our core values of fairness and responsibility, and a commitment to the common good. This platform stands as a promise to the people of Michigan, based on our tradition and commitment to a better future for the people of our state and nation.

This platform achieves our goals by investing in the people of Michigan through supporting a high quality of life, forging prosperous and diverse communities, restoring confidence in our government, and standing with the people of Flint.

Democratic Party Values and

Core Policy Positions


  • Education: Improving Public Education for Children and Adults

  • Economy: Using Aggressive and Comprehensive Economic Development Policies

  • Job Training: Improving the Skills of our Workforce

  • Trade: Using an Approach Based on a Level Playing Field

  • Economic Development: Improving Depressed Communities

  • Agriculture: Protecting our Farms and Rural Communities

  • Transportation: Providing Access to Opportunities

  • Information Technology: Expanding Access to Information

  • Small Business: Nurturing Entrepreneurship and Self-employment

  • Income: Rewarding Work

  • Taxes: Providing a Sufficient, Stable and Fair Tax System

  • Health Care: Providing Health Security for Families and Individuals

  • Children and Families: Providing Help for Working Parents with Children

  • Coping With Misfortune: Bankruptcy, Foreclosure and Homelessness


  • The Environment: Protecting Our Land, Water, Air and Open Space

  • Social Justice: Achieving Equal and Humane Treatment Under the Law

  • Women: Protecting the Rights of Women

  • Veterans: Respect and Help for Those Who Serve Our Country

  • Youth: Building Citizens Who Will Brighten Our Future

  • Seniors: Providing Retirement Security and Needed Services

  • Voting: Nurturing Democracy and Promoting Civic Participation

  • Faith: Connecting Our Party with People of Faith

  • Security

    • Public Safety: Creating Safer Communities for All

    • Energy: Providing Power to the People

  • Accountability & Ending Public Corruptions

    • Judicial System: Serving the People, not Special Interests

    • Government: Freeing Politics from Money Influence and Special Interests

    • Corporations: Insisting on Corporate Accountability

    • Consumer Protection: Protecting People in the Marketplace

    • Financial Services: Protecting People in Credit and Banking Transactions

    • Providing Proper Oversight of Our Financial System

    • Local Government: Defending Our Democracy

The Michigan Democratic Party puts people first. The policy positions in this Platform address the needs and concerns of ordinary people in our state. Democrats ask for your support so we can change our country, our state, and improve our quality of life.

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