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Communications Committee Chair

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Please contact me here if you would like to be a part of this exciting team. If you have 2 hours or 20 hours, why not be a part of the action?


A few of our Communications Committee Tasks

Events      Research      Flyers      Voter Guides      Artistic Design      Strategy/Planner

Conventions      Networking      Contributor for Newsletter      Press Releases

Local & State News Gathering     Event Organizing      Calendar Synchronizing


Are you passionate about change and have ideas for action? Can you attend...

City Council Meetings      School Board Meetings      Other Democratic Caucus Meetings

Do you have a couple of spare hours for...

Phone Calls      Voice Recordings for Website Access      Membership Confirmations


If this team doesn't sound like a fit for you, we still might have something you would like to do. From parades, bingo, and even support with donations, contact us


(she / her / hers)

Photography and Social Media Influencer

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Azia (pronounced like the continent) is an engagement influencer specializing in promotions through the fusion of Social Media and traditional media outlets. Her resume speaks clearly for itself; from marketing content, photography, and soon-to-be certified copywriter. After following her work in 2022, I knew we needed her on our team to help design, edit, and promote our publications and events. Her first Facebook feature of our Holiday Party has nearly 2K+ views. She also promotes events all around Monroe and can often be seen live-streaming from local businesses each week. She believes that Community is all about Unity.


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Newsletter Editor, Contributor, and Digital Media Artist

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Cole creates editorials that are meant to provide a better understanding of politics and the workings of government. Empowering people to go for it. The idea is that anyone can run for office, if they simply are given the knowledge and tools to do it! It’s up to us to educate and provide accessibility. Cole seeks to break down the barriers we mentally put up, such as ‘It’s too complicated’ or ‘there’s too much red tape.’ They are an advocate for justice, action, and transparency. By recognizing the obstacles, we can work to remove them. They are what we need and inspired me to become a part of MCDP. They believe anyone can learn and become part of our meetings. Cole is an editor for another newsletter that promotes LGBTQBPOC. If you identify with this community or are looking for resources that pertain, they may be able to help. 


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Cartoonist and Digital Media Artist

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The best cartoonist in Monroe! During midterms, Ken took it upon himself to create Caricatures of some of our candidate and I stumbled upon him when I accepted my position. He is a dedicated Democrat who recognized we needed to elevate our newsletter and he had the talent to offer. We met up at a tea shop and worked on a plan. He was featured in our January 2023 MCDP Newsletter and will also be in our future newsletters. Who hasn’t picked up a paper just because we love to see the cartoons?


(he / him / his)

Website Maintenance and Self-Proclaimed Tech Geek

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Sean began his career as a certified mechanic and worked his way into prototype vehicle assembly and testing. Throughout the last 16 years, he has been designing test automation systems for dozens of laboratories. Since 2019 his centralized focus has been on hybrid electric vehicle and energy storage systems testing. He says he’s “a pretty cool nerd.” 

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