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Be the Difference!

If you have been wanting to invest your time into something that will really make an impact in your life and the world you leave behind for others, consider joining the Michigan Democratic Party. Membership opens the door to the Monroe County Democratic Party where you may find volunteer opportunities that are in alignment with your passions and busy schedule.

A caucus is a meeting of people to discuss political issues and choose political candidates. They help submit proposals for party voting at Conventions and lobby for meaningful change.


Join the Michigan Democratic Party

Starting or renewing membership to the state party grants State & Local party voting rights. Access to online media and training content is included with paid memberships, but you can join for free.


Join the Monroe County Democratic Party

Joining our local party will connect you with an entire community of like-minded people. This will also add you to our mailing list for important reminders and invites.


Look for Caucuses that You Can Join


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Visit Our Calendar Often


Our website Calendar is the most up-to-date resource for our schedule of events and reminders.

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