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Bellino Lost Position of Honor and Committee Seats After Pulling Crass Stunt

by Steven Meyer

In his first month as State Senator, Joseph Bellino, Republican from Monroe has lost two of his three committee seats, lost his role as vice chair of a third committee, and his honorable position as Associate President Pro Tempore has been eliminated from the Senate entirely1.

On February 9, after the tax cut bill (HB 4001), cosponsored by Reggie Miller (HD-31 – Monroe)2, passed the House and the Senate was in recess, Bellino stepped up to the podium and adjourned the session for the weekend to prevent the planned vote that week.

On February 16, the bill passed the Senate anyway. In a press release3, Bellino complained falsely, “Stripping an elected official of their voice for following the rules of the Senate simply because you don’t like it is an absurd abuse of power”. If Bellino had only used his voice, he would not have lost his positions of honor.

1 – February 16, 2023 – Article from MIRS about Bellino losing his positions of honor:


2 – January 12, 2023 - Legislative Record of HB 4001, Cosponsored by Reggie Miller (HD-31, Monroe):


3 - February 16, 2023 – Press Release from Bellino Complaining Falsely about facing Consequences:

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