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As we go forward, we will build upon the foundation laid. We are “Stronger Together” by investing in all the people of Monroe County whether you are new, contemplating moving to, or a longtime citizen. We believe in a high-quality life, restoring confidence in our government, and standing with the people. Our commitment is to lead the way for the rest of Michigan and the Nation in building a successful unity. We are here and welcome you into making a difference by being united in the United States




    Vice Chair

    Life long Democrat and current 1st Vice Chair of the Monroe County Democratic Party. Gloria has a Bachelor Degree from the University of Toledo and a Masters Degree from Eastern Michigan University. Presently retired but taught school for 17 years; substance abuse and mental health therapist for 22 yrs. Currently Gloria sits on the boards of Monroe County Mental Health, Holiday Camp, and ALCC and is a member of AAUW, Women's Initiative of Monroe and Kiwanis.

      Nick Wagers.JPG



      Nick grew up in the county and went to Jefferson Schools. His first taste in politics was following the local school board. Just days after turning 18 he launched a successful recall campaign against two board members for hiring an unqualified business manager to be superintendent with no community engagement. After moving to IL for college and work, he returned to the county in 2010.


      For enjoyment he likes long distance backpacking and bikepacking. He hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2015 and raced the Tour Divide in 2016. Nick has also backpacked in several National Parks and hiked portions of all 11 National Scenic Trails.

      Nick got involved in local politics following the 2018 midterms and soon found the MCDP and made friends through the Buttigieg 2020 primary campaign. He's driven by solving climate change and standing up for our core values of American democracy. Nick took over the communications role in Jan 2021.




        Jennifer always had an interest in politics, serving as a volunteer during the 2008 Obama campaign. She took a short break from active involvement, however, after the 2016 election, she felt the responsibility to reengage and became involved in working to elect candidates that shared her values.

        Jennifer also serves as a Precinct Delegate.

        She is the proud mom of two young men that attend Western Michigan University.  She works at a public high school and has the pleasure of spending her days engaging with young people.

          Connie Hayter.JPG


          Candidate Screening

          Connie is a lifelong Democrat and resident of Monroe County. She has been married for 25 years, has a daughter, a son, and a son-in-law, and adores her two wonderful granddaughters. She works in customer service after having the privilege of being a stay-at-home parent for several years. Connie is a strong supporter of Unions, a lifetime member of the VFW Auxiliary, and is a member of St. John the Baptist church.


            JON MOORE


            Jon R. Moore has been politically active since 2010 and first volunteered with the Monroe Democratic Party in 2011.  As a member of Michigan Education Association, he became concerned with the systematic dismantling of the public schools in Michigan.  In 2014 he was elected as Precinct Delegate for Frenchtown Twp. #9.  With help from many friends, he helped design and build the Party float for the fair parade for 2016, 2017 and 2018.  He currently is Chair of the weekly bingo fundraiser.  He was a music instructor for 39 years, the last 23 in Michigan.  In 2019 he was seated on the Board of the Frenchtown Center for Active Adults.  He is a member of the Monroe Co. Community College Symphonic Band and the Agora Chorale.  Jon was raised on a beef cattle farm in SE Ohio and earned his BME at Bowling Green St. U. and his MAT at Marygrove College.


              BILL LAVOY

              Candidate Recruitment

              A lifelong resident of Southeast Michigan and former Democratic State Representative for Michigan’s 17th District, Bill has spent his career giving back to his community. From his time as Executive Director of Monroe Public Access (MPACT), membership in Rotary and the Monroe Port Commission, LaVoy has worked to make Monroe County a special place.


                SHAWNA FARLEY

                Communications Committee Chair

                My goal is to promote people-centered integrity. Utilizing a diverse, talented, strong team of volunteers to help keep me accountable and successful for our party. Diversity, equity, and inclusion must be the definition and drive of a Democratic Party. I am committed to finding ways to promote and produce easily accessed information showing we are an active effective presence. There are different ways to utilize these forms of communication, newsletters, voting guides, board meetings, social media, press releases, educational materials, email, mail, and events. Being a realist I know I could not do this alone, nor should I want to. My team is a force and unstoppable. We strategize, develop, and support a common goal. We fight back against extreme agendas, gatekeeping, and misinformation. A unity-centered collective. We are stronger together. How did I get here? I was raised by a single, independent, UAW-centered, trailblazer the first woman in her position my mom. I miss her calling me on voting day, “Did you vote yet?”

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                MEET THE TEAM of VOLUNTEERS


                CHRIS DEROQUE

                Fundraising and Finance

                Chris became active in the Monroe County Democratic Party in 2017.  She is a Precinct Delegate for Precinct 1 in the City of Monroe.  Chris is a founding member of the Monroe County Positive Action Network and currently is part of their facilitation team.  Chris holds a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Spring Arbor University.  She lives with her husband, Hector, and has four adult children and one grandson. 


                  Jerry McKart

                  Membership Recruitment and Volunteers

                  Bio Coming Soon


                    LINDA LAUER

                    Youth Engagement

                    Linda Lauer is a lifelong Democrat and former elected trustee for the Monroe County Community College for six years. She is very involved in our community. Linda is a Licensed Physical Therapist with over 30 years of experience and has owned her own physical therapy practice for over 20 years.

                    She is a graduate of Monroe Jefferson, University of Toledo, the Medical College of Ohio, and Touro University. She's also graduate and proud alumni of our hometown MCCC! Linda lives in Monroe and loves to travel to Central America!


                      STEVEN MEYER


                      Steven volunteers with Indivisible, and joined the Michigan Democratic Party in 2018. He grew up in Texas, Ohio, Minnesota, and then Virginia where he worked in a used bookstore for 8 years. He moved to Monroe, Michigan for college in 2010 and earned a Civil Engineering degree in 2016 at The University of Toledo. In college, he worked for a semester as a full time research assistant in the college’s Planning Department, focusing on the Flint Water Crisis.


                      Steven bought a house in Monroe in 2019, and cares about promoting and protecting the arts, science, the environment, fairness and equal rights. Steven enjoys research, drawing and writing. 

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