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Get involved

Steps to take action


1. Join the Michigan Democratic Party

Being a member of the state party grants you certain voting rights. Donations to join are preferred, but you can join for free.

2. Sign up for our Member's Area

You will have access to MCDP documents, special events, social pages, and more! We'll send out occasional emails to let you know about meetings, conventions and events. We try to keep these short and on point.

3. Follow our social media accounts

We'll do our best to keep you informed about events from the party and local politics. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4. Attend our monthly meetings

There is a monthly County Committee meeting to discuss party business and upcoming events. The public is welcome. See exact dates on our calendar.

5. Volunteer for committees or events

Our organization is 100% volunteer run, and we'd love to have you help us out. We have various committees such as candidate recruitment, youth engagement, and bingo. We also keep an office open several days a week. At various times we have phone banks, door knocking, and booths at community events.

6. Donate

Your donations help keep the lights on and give us funds to support our local candidates. Please consider setting up a small monthly donation.

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